We have had a lot of Clients asking about hollow vs solid sterling silver pieces. I thought I would clarify some of the queries and set your mind at ease by posting this.

Instead of calling it hollow, We call it electroformed. What is electroformed jewellery you may ask…?

Let’s start with the basics:

Electroforming process?

“Electroforming is a highly specialized process of metal part fabrication using electrodeposition in a plating bath over a base form.”

Electroforming is the formation of a layer of sterling silver over a mold of resin (similar to hard plastic). This method allows the creation of beautifully designed sterling silver earrings, rings, bangles and necklaces with stunning detail in any shape or size without the heavy weight and cost that is typical to conventional solid sterling silver.

The electroforming process is when the resin is molded and is put into a tub of charged sterling silver. Over a 10-12 hour process, the sterling electrically forms (i.e. electroform) itself to the mold. Then the piece is removed and handcrafted to include more detail, oxidation is also done to create depth. After the final designs, a clear coat is added to the product.


Why Electroforming?

Compared to other basic metal forming processes, the electroforming process is very effective when requirements call for extreme tolerances, complexity, thin, hollow, lightweight, voluminous, and complex three-dimensional shapes. This process allows for finer geometries to be produced to tighter tolerances while maintaining superior edge definition with a near optical finish.

Electroforming allows for the realization of designs that are not possible by other techniques.

A variety of designs can be produced, including large modern shapes with low weight and uniform wall thickness at affordable prices.

So to end off, electroformed sterling silver jewellery can be identified by being very light in weight, it is almost always a bulky looking item , and if you look very, very closely you will see the tiny holes left so the resin can be removed after the design has been set

We hope this helps a little bit.

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