It was my first time traveling to Thailand. We flew Qatar Airways and what a pleasure it was.

From the minute you check in, to when you climb off, the flight attendants and staff were gracious and friendly hosts.

We landed and I swear the minute we stepped out we got blasted by this hot heat wave and my heart nearly skipped a beat as I was thinking… “Yeessss! We are here!”

We grabbed a taxi and was on route to our hotel, The Grande Centre Point Terminal 21.


Excitement bubbling away, we couldn’t sleep so we checked into our Hotel, grabbed a quick dinner and roamed the streets and Malls of Bangkok.

The next morning, we were bright eyed and bushy tailed and on our way to make our first dent as the shopping commenced.

Shopping lists and bottles of water in hand, we were ready.

Most days we walked and shopped so much that you couldn’t recognize your own feet when you finally got to sit down. But wow what an experience and privilege it was to be able to find all the latest and greatest jewellery at every nock and cranny.

I loved every second of being in Thailand.

Thailand is a place, rich in its culture. From their culinary creations to craftsmanship and of course their utmost respect for their traditions.

Shopping for our unique sterling silver and gemstone jewellery pieces was nothing short of a magical and very fruitful experience to say the least.

Walking around Thailand it is easy to see where they get their inspiration from.

The architecture and landmarks are something to write home about.

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“In ancient times up to the early modern period in Thailand, Thai craftsmen were considered the “true artists”.  They were thought to possess superior intellect, a full understanding of culture and a wide ranging wisdom.  These arts not only reflected the artists creative force but also cultural reflections of the art and its use in Thai society and culture.”

The details on EVERYTHING is just amazing. Even the sidewalks have engravings of some sorts on them.

We walked up and down, come rain or shine, road trains and taxis, to get all the jewellery pieces for this new collection.

All the jewellery items are handpicked with loads of care and admiration.

We have brought back the most exquisite sterling silver jewellery pieces.

We have broadened our range to also include more fine jewellery pieces as well as the vintage, classic sterling silver and Marcasite pieces.

No one was left out, there is definitely something for every style and we cannot wait to show you all what we have.

We would love to have you all at our open day this November.

Please diarise the date, it will be Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th of November.

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